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Breath alcohol testing with the highest level of accuracy
ALC-PRO II helps establish an integrated system for testing, management, and documentation. With the “anti-drunk driving” movement already in place, what we need to see next is action.
Business owners need to implement necessary measures to prevent accidents involving driving under the influence of alcohol.
ALC-PRO II helps establish an integrated system with ultimate breath alcohol testing, online real-time management, and reliable documentation and organization.
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From business sites with the ALC series
Safety activities have a continuous effect on the transport industry in Shikoku.
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Continuous support for logistics of the KAMI Group in both marine and surface transport
Continuous support for logistics of the KAMI Group in both marine and surface transport

NIPPON KOUN KAISHA, LTD., is a transport company with its head office in Shikokuchuo City in Ehime Prefecture,
which has prospered in the production of washi (Japanese paper). Founded in October 1957, the company expanded from Shikoku and now has six branches and offices all over Japan, including in Tokyo, Osaka, and Tottori. As a member of the KAMI Group, it is in charge of the entire logistics with its 3 ships, 165 trucks, 80 cargo handling machines, and 400 containers. For your information, the KAMI Group is an association that consists of Kamisyoji Corporation, the core company, and eight other affiliate companies in paper manufacturing, processing, sales, and engineering. Their main product, Ellemoi tissue paper is ranked fourth in domestic market share. What features has NIPPON KOUN KAISHA, LTD., exclusively handled regarding the logistics of the KAMI Group in both marine and surface transport? Here are some interesting data regarding recent major awards that authorities gave the company for business activities.
Progress prize
November 9, 2006, Land Transportation Industry Safety & Health Association
Award for Excellent Business Establishment
May 28, 2004, Shikoku Regional Police Bureau, and Shikoku Traffic Safety Association
Radio Gymnastics Regional Award in 1999
October 8, 2006, Shikoku Regional Bureaus of Postal Services, Japan Broadcasting Corporation Matsuyama Station, and Shikoku Rajiotaisou Renmei
Award for Excellence
October 26, 1004, Ehime Industrial Accident Prevention Organization Council
Award for Hometown Promotion, Corporate Sector
April 25, 1979, Ehime Mutual Banking Corporation
Award for Excellent Business Establishment
May 26, 1978, Ehime Prefectural Police, and Ehime Prefectural Coordination Council for Safe Driving Manager

This list implies that different quarters regard the company as demonstrating high performance for safety. In addition, you can hear opinions from different perspectives in Shikoku that support this evaluation.

  • “NIPPON KOUN is such a good company. It is on the leading edge of safety measures and motivates Shikoku.”
    Representative Director of Ehime Trucking Association
  • “NIPPON KOUN recommended an awesome breathalyzer, so we made contact with you (Tokai Denshi).”
    A delivery company in Ehime prefecture

How did this most advanced company regarding safety find our ALC-PRO breathalyzer ?

Opportunity to see the ALC-PRO and birth of the first domestic breathalyzer
Opportunity to see the ALC-PRO and birth of the first domestic breathalyzer
Five years ago, we initiated development of our original products in 2002. The first professional-use breathalyzer in Japan, the ALC-PRO came into existence the next year. The memorable first user was NIPPON KOUN KAISHA, LTD. We interviewed the following persons from NIPPON KOUN KAISHA, LTD., about the situation at that time:
President and Executive Director
When did you find about the ALC-PRO?
“In 2003, I learned about breathalyzers for professional use in a newspaper article, which was the trigger. A simple breathalyzer was used at that time, but we were in trouble because it sometimes could not detect alcohol.”
What made you introduce the ALC-PRO?
“Drunk driving is not only a personal issue but also a significant matter that may involve the company, family, and victims. Our intention is not to allow employees who have had even the smallest amount of alcohol to drive. This is why we decided to introduce the device.”
Could you tell me a story at the time of the introduction?
“We thought it was great when we actually saw the product. Then we took that opportunity to make some proposals about its functions.”
* What were the proposed functions? For details, see the next section.
What was the effect of the introduction?
“We were often embarrassed at first because it sometimes responded to supplementary drinks or medicine. In addition, it was quite new and unfamiliar to both managers and drivers. Still, it was certainly effective. For example, heavy drinkers reduced the amount of alcohol consumed.”
After that, you introduced breathalyzers in your ships. How was that?
“Actually, we wanted to introduce the ALC-PRO that could link to a computer, but it was too difficult because of the violent rolling of the ship. Thus, the new ALC-Mini was selected.”

Though confusion was at first a problem, the first domestic ALC-PRO breathalyzer must have brought steady results.The more amazing fact is the specifications were so fulfilled despite the first one in Japan that we cannot find equivalent content even now, four years later.

In-and-out control function and further evolution
In-and-out control function and further evolution
What are the features of the multi-functional ALC-PRO Nippon Koun version that bears comparison with state-of-the-art devices regardless of the old first-in-Japan product?

The answer is a kind of in-and-out control function.
the ALC-PRO was introduced, Deputy department manager of NIPPON KOUN KAISHA, LTD., focused on the ability to retain records and had the idea to add time clock functions. Details of the function are as follows.

First, a subject who will take the alcohol test uses their individual magnetic card on the card reader to register their name. Next, they push the applicable button out of four choices on the ALC-PRO main module: Start work, Check out vehicle, Check in vehicle, and Finish Work. Then, alcohol testing starts. This procedure makes employees take alcohol tests when starting work, checking out a vehicle, checking in a vehicle, and finishing work. In addition, an interlinked software application works as a time clock and stores salary-related records, such as the hours of work.

You can see it is definitely an excellent function. And their evolution went far beyond. As mentioned above, the company applied alcohol testing not only to surface transport but also to marine vessels. The company performed alcohol testing with the ALC-mini on ships. *Of course, it was also the first case in Japan.

Moreover, when the ALC-PRO was introduced at the Hiroshima office, they started to use our new feature of PRO PLUS to collect test results from remote places. Recently, the ALC-PRO II, which is equipped with upgraded new sensors, was also introduced. * Likewise, they were one of the earliest companies to introduce these new products in the western part of Japan.
The company continues aggressive development in this way. How do they look to the future?
The company continues aggressive development in this way. How do they look to the future?
Acting General Manager, answered, “Roll call inside the offices is almost perfect, and in the future, I want to introduce the driver’s license reader to verify driver’s licenses. Another issue to be solved is checking crew members who are away from the offices. The ALC-Mobile is good, but it would be better if a digital tachograph or driving recorder were integrated with the ALC-Mobile to store the records in a computer.”
The company keeps evolving toward safety and has not even seen the goal yet. Their attitude toward safety will continue to influence the Shikoku region.
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