ALC-mini III

Breathalyzer with printer for professional use

ALC-mini III
Both the body and the price are reduced!
All transport operators must use alcohol testers by 2011 or 2012. (Reference: Commercial-use Automobile Comprehensive Safety Plan 2009) An accident can even determine your corporate destiny. Start with this unit as a reliable ounce of prevention.
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The results are printed out via a simple operation.
The results are printed out via a simple operation.
Hold the handy unit in one hand and press the Test button. Complete the measurement simply by blowing through the mouthpiece into the blowhole for about three seconds. The results are displayed numerically on the panel and output via the printer. The audio guide function helps to make the operation more efficient.
The device displays only the alcohol measurements without error responses.
A commonly available breathalyzer with a semiconductor gas sensor system may incorrectly respond to food or beverages, which is troublesome. The ALC-Mini III employs fuel cell sensors and will output alcohol measurements only, eliminating faulty responses. Choose our testers to achieve the proper measurements as expected.
Sensor replacement takes only two seconds.
Periodic calibration (at additional cost) of the sensor unit, which measures the levels of alcohol, allows it to maintain test accuracy. For replacement, simply order a new sensor and just connect the cable to it.
How to replace the sensor
1. Contact the manufacturer when the sensor is due for calibration.

The new sensor will be delivered within four business days.
* The delivery date may vary depending on the area.

2. Attach the one-touch operation cable to the new handy unit for replacement.

the new handy unit for replacement

3. Please return the removed handy unit to us. (Freight free)
Use the built-in printer to print out the test results.

The integrated printer outputs the test results for each measurement.
the test results

【Filing example】
The person who took the test signs the result sheet and the manager files it in the roll call register.
filing example

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