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Personal information protection policies

Tokai Denshi Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) places importance on personal information protection. Therefore the personal information protection policies are set forth as follows and implemented.
1.  Establishment and continuous improvement of the regulations of personal information protection.

The executives and employees of the Company shall recognize the importance of personal information protection. In order to protect personal information, the regulations of personal information protection is established, implemented, maintained, and continuously improved.

2.  Collection, usage and provision of personal information

On collecting, using, or providing personal information according to the business activities and actual operation of the Company, personal information is properly handled in compliance with the regulations set forth by the Company.

3.  Implementation of security measures

For the purpose not to let personal information stolen by external parties and illegally used or falsified, the Company establishes the regulations and implements security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and loss, corruption, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

4.  Respect for rights

The Company respects individual rights regarding personal information. When a person requires disclosure, correction, or deletion of their own personal information, the Company will adequately address it in the light of socially accepted ideas and practices.

5.  Respect for rights

The Company complies with laws, rules, and regulations regarding personal information. All members working for the Company shall understand importance of personal information protection and perform proper handling.

Apr 1, 2010
Kazunari Sugimoto , President

Attendant for disclosure claims and inquiries regarding personal information management of the Company
Tokai Denshi Inc.
247-15, Atsuhara, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka
Claim and inquiry desk : +81-545-67-8939

Statements of the Company's purpose for the use of personal information

1.  Name of the business operator

Tokai Denshi Inc.

2.  Manager of personal information protection

Tetsuya Sugimoto, the person responsible for personal information protection management and executive director of Tokai Denshi Inc.

3.  Intended use of personal information

The acquired personal information is used as follows:

(1) Personal information of customers

shall be used for business activities of the Company including:

  • a. sending product brochures and documents,
  • b. introduction of the products (phone calls and visits of the person in charge, demonstration),
  • c. announcement of seminars, exhibitions, trends in the industry, and new products (e-mail, postal mail, facsimile),
  • d. shipment of products and consumables (phone calls for confirmation, shipment, preparation of packing slips and invoices),
  • e. services and supports (actions to examine the sources of defects and failures, phone calls and visits)

(2) Personal information of business partners

shall be used for business operation, communication, collaboration, negotiations, implementation of contracts, and demand for fulfillment.

(3) Personal information of the outsourcing companies

shall be used for communication and confirmation of tasks, order placement/receipt, and payment

(4) Personal information of the applicants for the Company

shall be used for communication, provision of information, and selection in employment.

4.  Disclosure of personal information to third parties

The Company does not disclose nor provide personal information to any third party without consent. However, it may be entrusted in order to achieve the purposes mentioned in Paragraph 3. In such cases, the party of entrustment must implement appropriate security measures to protect personal information and conclude nondisclosure agreements with the Company.

5.  Outsourcing management of personal information

The Company will not outsource management of all or any part of acquired personal information.

6.  Disclosure of the personal information within the scope of disclosure, and the inquiry desk

The Company will answer requests from appropriately identified persons within the scope of disclosure for notification of the purpose of the use; disclosure; correction, addition, and deletion of items; cessation of use; and erasure (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Disclosure") of the personal information that the Company possesses.

Contact the following information desk to ask for disclosure:

Personal information inquiry desk, Business Administration Department, Tokai Denshi Inc.

247-15, Atsuhara, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka, 419-0201. FAX: +81-545-67-8939

7.  Voluntariness to provide the personal information

When the Company asks you to provide personal information required for achievement of the purpose, you do not necessarily need to answer all the items. However, if you do not answer every item, the Company cannot respond to your request in some cases.

8.  Personal information acquisition by the way that the person is difficult to identify

The company does not collect personal information by means of cookies or web beacons that would make it difficult to identify the person.

9.  Security measures to protect personal information

As for the acquired personal information, the Company will implement prevention and corrective actions against leaks, loss, or damage, as well as other necessary proper measures for secure management of personal information. The web pages of the Company for the handling of personal information are encrypted by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

10.  Privacy policy

Refer to the privacy policy on the Company's website.

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