Breath Alcohol Ignition interlock devices

The engine will start only when the driver passes breath alcohol testing!
ALC-LOCK is the alcohol ignition interlock device made in Japan. Once the device is installed in a vehicle, the engine can be started only when the driver passes the alcohol test.
By installing ALC-LOCK in vehicle, you have no worries about possible drunk driving.
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Easy four-step operation
Centralized management of operation records
The software application allows you to see driver’s test results immediately. To check the driver’s log data, disconnect ALC-LOCK handy unit from vehicles, and connects it to the maintenance tool mounted on the PC.The results of violations such as refusal, disconnection, and disassembly of the device, line disconnection and retest are all recorded in the log.

Convenient features for usability and reliability
The free start function allows the driver to restart the engine without alcohol testing for a time specified by providers or DUI courts. This function mainly helps commercial vehicles’.
This function requires driver to re-test while driving. When the voice guidance says, “stop the engine for testing”, stop the vehicle in a safe place and turn off the engine to take the test. (The engine will not automatically stop while moving.)
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