Breath alcohol tester for remote monitoring

ALC-mobile allows you to test anytime, any places and send results through cellular phone.
This system can be used for Commercial vehicles, and DUI court program (compliance monitoring program). This system records, when, where, and who did the test and provides a real-time check. As for reliability, using cellular phone enabled us to get GPS data and headshots of testers. Also, the test results can be easily managed on PC.
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Model T-ALC-MB100
Testing method Breath alcohol concentration analysis
Sensor High accuracy fuel cell sensor
Unit of display mg/L
Indication Digital letters and sounds
Product configuration Display of the cellular phone (No display on the main module)
Range of detection 0.050 to 1.000 mg/L
Test count indication Available (1 to 3000 tests)
Operating environment From +10 deg C to +40 deg C (90% RH or below, no condensation)
Storage environment From -10 deg C to +50 deg C (90% RH or below, no condensation)
Alarm sound None
(Available depending on the sound settings on the mail reception PC.)
Resolution 0.001 mg/L
Warm-up Approx. 20 seconds after being turned on
(around 60 seconds in a cold condition)
Automatic power off After 20 seconds without operation
Product configuration Compact body (portable in the special case)
Blowing time Approx. 3 seconds
Blowing method Special mouthpiece (one unit is bundled)
Numerical analysis time 2 to 10 seconds
(according to the operating environment and alcohol concentration)
Power source 1. Dedicated Nickel-metal hydride battery, Rectangular 8.4 V, 200 mAh
2. AC adapter (100 V +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz)
3. Car battery (using the special cigar lighter cable)
Only applicable to cars with a 12 or 24-volt negative ground battery
Power consumption 0.7 W
Charge method 8-hour charging with the accompanied AC adapter
Possible test count
with a charged battery
Approx. 100 tests in the fully-charged condition.
(Varies depending on the ambient temperature and battery deterioration.)
Weight 230 g (incl. battery)
Dimensions 135 x 48 x 72 mm
Record method 1. Within the ALC-PRO Plus of the optional CD
2. General e-mail software on a PC
Cellular phone KDDI, Docomo and Softbank only
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