Message from the president

Discovery of a new fulcrum will lead to power to move society.
It is the “only one” company for human beings that we aim at.

Kazunari Sugimoto
President, Tokai Denshi Inc.

An ancient scientist Archimedes said, “Give me a fulcrum, and I shall move the world.” The company concept of Tokai Denshi is actually similar to this.

The primary business of Tokai Denshi had been board assembly, inspection, and the assembly processes for digital clocks and small electronic devices since its foundation in 1979. After the late 1980s, compact and rapid development and production matched the background of the period where cost reduction and quickened delivery were especially required, and met numerous needs. Sophisticated development and production techniques and know-how were thus accumulated, which now became the backbone to initiate the business of original products that were developed and produced in house. A professional-use alcohol detector integrated with documentation and management software, ALC-PRO, was released.

At the same time, traffic accidents due to drinking occurred frequently and society began to consider it a problem that not only casualties but also the families of the drivers suffered sudden tragedy. How can we find a new “fulcrum” to break the vicious cycle and use our development capability and engineering for that purpose? It was the awareness from the viewpoint of the company concept of Tokai Denshi.

  • ・   私たちの企業活動により、社会の「安全」を守り続ける。
  • ・   私たちの企業活動により、社会の「安心」を確立する。
  • ・   私たちの企業活動により、社会の「健康」を創造する。
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