Corporate history

1979 Founded in Fuji-shi, Shizuoka.
Started mounting and assembly of digital clocks as contracted work.
2001 Established System development headquarters in Higashi Yamato-shi, Tokyo.
2002 Started contracting business of software and hardware development.
2002 Initiated developing in-house products.
2003 Ther first original product, The ALC-PRO breathalyzer for professional use
2004 The second original product, The ALC-Mini breathalyzer for professional use
2005 The third original product, ALC-Mobile remote alcohol tester for professional use
2006 Established Osaka branch, Fukuoka branch and Fuji branch for sales and service organization.
2007 The total sales amount of breathalyzer ALC series exceeded 4000 units with more than 1000 corporate customers.
Established Sendai branch and Hiroshima branch.
2007 The fourth original product, Tsugi Tsugi Navigation system for professional use
Jan. 2007 Relocated Tokyo office from Higashi Yamato-shi to Tachikawa-shi.
Jun. 2007 Issued 100 million yen of private placement bonds (dated on 29 Jun., accepted by Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ)
Sep. 2007 Increased capital from 10 million yen to 59 million yen.
Oct. 2007 The fifth original product, Coin-Operated breathalyzer
Dec. 2007 The sixth original product, ALC-Portable breathalyzer for professional use
Dec. 2007 ALC-PROII using fuel cell technology acquired DOT approval of DOT evidential breathalyzer
Dec. 2007 Opened Sapporo branch
Jan. 2008 The eight original product,ALC-PROII using fuel cell technology
Jan. 2008 The nineth original product,ALC-miniII using fuel cell technology
Feb. 2008 The 10th original product, Tenko-PRO,remote driver management with video chat
May. 2008 Completed construction of the new head office and factory building.
Apr. 2009 Established Nagoya branch.
Apr. 2009 Alcohol interlock system, ALC-ZERO released.
Aug. 2009 Printer integrated breathalyzer for professional use, ALC-Mini III released.
Dec. 2009 Newly constructed the second factory in Atsuhara.
Jun. 2011 Established the Kanazawa and Takamatsu branches.
Jun. 2011 Relocated the Tokyo branch from Tachikawa to Gotanda.
Relocated the Sendai branch from Izumi-ku to Aoba-ku.
Aug. 2011 Relocated the Hiroshima branch from Nishi-ku to Higashi-ku.
Sep. 2011 資本金82.8百万円を87.9百万円に増資。
Mar. 2012 東京事業所を立川市曙町に移転。
Aug. 2012 個人向けアルコール測定器「ALC-Pico」を販売。
Sep. 2012 携帯・スマートフォン対応「ALC-MobileII」を販売
Oct. 2012 カメラ付インターロック「ALC-ZEROII」を販売
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